OC3 Connection

OC3 Connection

OC3 Lines for Enterprise Bandwidth Requirements

Enterprise companies that need the maximum bandwidth available will often need to go beyond even the DS3 (or multiple DS3 lines), to consider the optical carrier (OC) option. OC is a type of SONET fiber optic network, with various multiples, starting at OC-1, which offers 51.85Mbps. The OC-3 delivers bandwidth of 155.52Mbps.

OC3 Versus DS3

A DS3 line delivers 45Mbps and an OC3 155.52. The question of scalability comes into play when making the buying decision. As is the case in the entire continuum of bandwidth options, it is often less expensive to move to the next level than it would be to simply buy more of a lesser connection. That is, at some point it becomes cheaper to buy a DS3 line than it would be to buy multiple T1 lines. The same holds true for the OC3 decision. In terms of pure bandwidth, the OC3 is equivalent to a little more than three DS3 lines.

Because OC3’s architecture is fiber optic, it is well suited for environments that call for low latency and high bandwidth.

The difference between the SONET foundation and ordinary Ethernet must also be considered. While Ethernet networking is robust, and can even be transmitted over SONET (and often is), there are a few critical differences between the two. OC3 lines provide for end-to-end monitoring of bit errors, which is not present in standard Ethernet. Ethernet is a best-effort, “lossy” technology, which means that it is possible for packets to be lost or delayed in transmission. In most cases, this is not noticeable, although in applications like voice transmission, higher quality sound may be achieved with the SONET backbone.

OC3 Pricing

In terms of cost, expect OC3 to carry a bit more in terms of initial costs for customer premises equipment. Aside from the initial capital expenditure though, for many larger organizations, OC3 may be the most cost-effective solution, especially if using it for latency-sensitive transmission such as voice. The up-front capital expenditure may present an initial challenge, especially in organizations that are already using DS3 lines and wish to migrate to OC3, since this means you will need to abandon equipment that is already installed and functioning.

Redundancy Option

Organizations that require careful attention to minimizing downtime will want to establish a redundant network, and this is achieved by deploying two separate OC3 lines, one being the primary circuit, and the other providing a backup to ensure continuity in case the first circuit becomes unavailable.

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At Go To Telecom, there are real people behind the website, ready to give you personalized guidance towards finding the perfect and most cost-effective solution for you. To find out more about the OC3 connection services offered by Go To Telecom, please feel free to contact us at any time. For quick access to details on pricing and service information, please complete our Carrier Services Quote Tool.

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