Political Campaigns Spell Disaster

So, what can you expect from your telecommunications infrastructure in the next few weeks leading up to the presidential election?B It might help to understand how most of our phone calls are delivered today.

Whether or not you use VoIP technology, all calls now travel over the telecommunications network with SIP technology.B What does this mean?B The call is really nothing more than a packet of data.B If you make the call from legacy technology (like an old PBX phone system), you just add another point of conversion to the process.

The call is initiated, translated to SIP, travels to its destination, is translated back as is required by the technology at the destination and, ultimately, terminated by the local phone company.B Thatbs a lot of computing in less than the time it takes us to think about it!

In my earlier example, I pointed out that millions of additional calls are being made by political campaigns in an attempt to reach undecided voters.B Each one of these calls requires bandwidth.B And, while the carriers have typically built in plenty of reserve, itbs highly likely that this spike in volume will exhaust any reserves that may have existed.

It can be compared to your home cable service that provides your internet access.B When the kids get home from school, the internet can slow to a snailbs pace.B During the day, there was plenty of excess capacity.B In the late afternoon and evening, not so much!

The dialers run from around 10 AM to 9 PM b 7 days a week.B Therebs really no escaping them.B If you have a redundant circuit, it might help to bring both online for a few weeks.B In the absence of redundancy, the most important thing to remember is that the problem is likely temporary.

What would I like to leave you with?B This is yet another example of a circumstance that calls for redundancy.B While a political campaign would not likely qualify as a disaster, it could spell disaster for your business if your phone or internet service is disrupted.B We have several low-cost options for true redundancy.B Let us know if youbd like to learn more about them!

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