Predictive Dialer ROI

Predictive dialers definitely have their place in the marketing arena.B The more advanced dialer technology is so efficient that the call is connected before you even have a chance to realize it was a dialer that made the call.

We have several customers that run predictive dialers.B And, they are used in a number of ways.

  • Existing customer follow-up
  • Marketing research
  • Warm lead follow-up

Cold calling is much less prevalent now with the legislation related to the bdo not call listb.B Of course, this isnbt perfect.B If the list is fresh, the dialer will appropriately eliminate any numbers that should not be called.B But, keeping the list updated and fresh is a big job b in and of itself.

There are just a few carriers left that are dialer-friendly.B Dialers stress the network if theybre allowed to fully do their job.B So, youbre left with two options.B Either throttle back the dialer or use a carrier that has built their network with the technology in mind.

If you have a sales force or customer service department that is consumed with manually dialing the phone, it would pay you to seriously consider the dialer technology.B B B While the company selling the technology will create a flowery ROI for you, youbll want to make sure you have a reliable analysis to base your decision on b not something that is bpie in the skyb.B If youbre interested in creating a return on investment (ROI) study for a predictive dialer or other technology implementation, just reply to this e-mail.

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