Protocol Switching with MPLS

So, how does MPLS move data more efficiently than frame relay or other types of older technology?B The answer lies in the way the MPLS labels are processed with protocol switching.

While this might be more than some of you want to know, it is useful to understand a bit about how MPLS IP works.B MPLS technology is simply a way that data travels across the carrier backbone.B Every bwayb that is used to transport data has its own language.B The data is assigned a label b in this case a MPLS label.

Label switching allows the network to shorten the label so that it takes less time to read and, ultimately, process it.B Honestly, it boggles the mind to think of how much data moves around the globe every minute.B Improving the process by even nanoseconds can have a dramatic impact on capacity.

How can MPLS help us make more money?B Well, anything that helps us move more quickly and increase capacity with the same input will potentially add to the top line in the form of production.B And, if we can bring more key people into the network using just about any type of bandwidth available, it allows us to create a tighter cycle.B More, better, faster!

If you spend a bit of time contemplating how you might be able to improve your processes if technology was more cooperative, youbll quickly see how much youbre bleaving on the tableb.B Now is a great time to consider your options for taking a leap forward with the technology that is driving your businessb future.

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