Routing Layer 2 Traffic

An MPLS network allows you to bring your network traffic closer to home.B Since your MPLS network is an extension of your private network (think a single location), you are in essence creating a very large single network-as opposed to many small geographically locked-down networks.

This has many benefits b not the least of which is the elimination of redundant equipment at every location.B The file servers and phone system are obvious considerations.B But, anything that end-users donbt need quick access to (like printers) can be centralized.

When you centralize your phone system with the right technology, you get the benefit of 4-digit dialing across your entire organization.B No matter where you are in your footprint, you can pick up a phone and dial the same 4-digit number to access the information you need quickly.B This call is considered a local call and may not even tie up one of your voice channels.

With blended access networks, you may even find that it is cost-effective to bring virtual workers onto the MPLS network allowing them to benefit from all the same technology that premise-based employees use.B For as little as $100, we can add a location to the network allowing the end-user to have a fully-functional work space b at their home office.

What is MPLS?B Itbs simply a simpler way to manage, administer, and use your information technology.

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