Sandybs Predictable Disaster

It might be a bit premature to be considering the btakeawaysb from Hurricane Sandy.B For many people in New York and New Jersey, the lack of power, gas, food, drinkable water and safe living conditions is not yet a memory b itbs still happening in breal timeb.

I read an article this morning pointing out that this disaster was predictable.B The news hounded us with the facts about the storm and its likely impact for at least a week ahead of time.B People were instructed to prepare b and even evacuate.B The point being that, rather than waking up one morning to a tsunami, earthquake or tornado, in the case of a storm we have plenty of advance warning.

So, if you were well prepared for a disastrous event b regardless of the nature of it b how would it improve your experience?B In the moment – and in the months immediately following.

Ideally, youbd catch a flight out a few days ahead of the bdisasterb and take that long-deserved vacation on a tropical beach somewhere.B Since we know that most disasters arenbt predictable and by the time we are feeling the impact, itbs too late to plan a blast minuteb vacation.B This idealistic approach is probably not worthy of consideration.

Rather, if we can take some lessons from a predictable disaster and understand where we are likely to have vulnerabilities that would be exploited as a result of a loss of a reliable energy source, we can btakeawayb something valuable that will provide future benefit b even if itbs just in the form of greater peace of mind!

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