Saving with SIP – Session Initiation Protocol

bSo, converting to SIP will save us a bundle – right?!b

That is a question we answer often.B And, itbs not bcut and driedb.B There are many factors to consider.B Herebs just a few questions you need to be able to answer to evaluate the cost savings with SIP.

  • Will your current phone system accept SIP?B The answer doesnbt necessarily have to be byesb but there will be additional equipment required if you need to convert SIP back to a signal that your phone system recognizes.
  • What carrier or internet service provider do you use?B SIP isnbt going to provide you with the voice quality youbre used to for a landed phone line unless it rides on bandwidth that has low latency and jitter.
  • How many phone lines do you have or need?B Most carriers have minimums for SIP trunks (also known as channels) that may be more than you need.B If you have to boverbuyb, then you may not end up saving money.
  • Do you use long distance?B It is much easier for carriers to include long distance in the base charge since most of the costs are removed with the SIP traffic.B If your organization has more than one location, any location to location calling will typically be free with SIP.

Answering these questions will get you started.B But, as with just about any evaluation, the answers to these questions will likely lead to more questions.B Webre here to help you make an informed decision!

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