Sleep Better at Night with Virtualization

How much does it cost to maintain a server?

Arriving at a number can be a pretty challenging task.B Your analysis should include the hardware (server and router), software licenses, backup (hardware/software) and, of course, the time associated with installation and maintenance including applying updates, etc.B An analysis of your historical accounting records would likely add a few line items as well.

How much does a virtual server cost?

One of the benefits of purchasing anything bas a serviceb is that the cost is, for the most part, fixed.B Most of the line items from the above analysis would be eliminated in a virtual environment.B And, your infrastructure durability would improve dramatically.B A Cloud services provider specializing in virtual servers can spread the cost of server maintenance over a broad base of clients b reducing the cost for all concerned.

So, when youbre given a quote for a virtual server based on your requirements, it can be challenging to compare bapples to applesb.B Your current cost for server maintenance may be low because there isnbt much maintenance being done.B We call this deferred maintenance and it eventually catches up to you!

If youbre considering upgrading or expanding the servers that service your wide area network, itbs time to give virtualization serious consideration.B Whether youbre concerned about disaster recovery, global access, security, or cost reduction, outsourcing your servers to a virtual environment can make great sense.

Youbll sleep better at night knowing that there is a small army of engineers keeping an eye on your valuable data and infrastructure.B For me, therebs nothing better than a good nightsb sleep.

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