"Stuff Happens" – Disaster Recovery

I am an optimistic person-always seeing the glass half full.B But, even optimists realize that bstuff happensb.B And, if youbre at least somewhat prepared for it, whatever presents itself will be much easier to deal with.

We are in the Nashville area and a couple of years ago experienced a major flood.B We happened to be out of town, so we were seeing the disaster on television like the rest of the US.B We did know that our property was dry, but we didnbt know what happened to the areas surrounding our property.

When we returned less than a week later, there were very few signs of the storm.B If we didnbt know what happened, we would be just a bit curious about how the boxes in the basement were damp on the bottom.

Less than 3 miles away, it was a VERY different story.B The water came up so fast that people nearly drowned-forced to climb to the roof waiting for rescue.B Cars washed away.B Water 10 feet above ground-level.B Complete devastation.B In fact, many parts of downtown Nashville were underwater.

So, are you prepared for a disaster like this?B If not a storm, what about a major outage of your circuit that handles your voice and internet service?B Most companies have some form of backup in the event of a computer or server crash, but have you simulated a disaster to make sure the backup will do what you need it to do?

Big bstuffb doesnbt happen that often, but when it does youbll be glad youbre prepared!

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