Telecom Products That Reap Big Rewards

Just about every company is using a managed service provider.B For example, if you use a hosted platform for any software it would be considered a managed service.B And, while there is still skepticism about bthe Cloudb, more and more businesses make the leap every day.

Consider a process that you use daily-probably more than once.B Now, imagine how you might improve that process.B And, if improved, how much time would it save you every day?B Even a couple of minutes add up fast.

Well, therebs probably a telecom product from a managed service provider that will solve your problem.B It is likely to be a SaaS application (software-as-a-service) that has improved functionality to handle the process that youbve bboot-strappedb together with software and/or forms that were not designed to do what you need them to do.B The managed services providers that specialize in SaaS applications can afford to continually develop their software because they have an ongoing revenue stream.B That revenue stream is dependent on keeping customers happy.

So, while youbre busy saving a few bucks, youbre wasting tons of precious time and probably compromising your own customer service.B I get it.B You want to keep your fixed costs down.B But, at a certain point, saving a little is costing a lot.

And, if Ibve sufficiently motivated you to consider a SaaS application or similar telecom product to improve one of your processes, Ibd like to share one more observation.

Most SaaS applications offer an incentive to give them a try-like 30 days free or something similar.B The real cost isnbt paying for the managed service providerbs fee, itbs the cost of setting it up-inputting all of your data, learning to use it, and then tweaking it until you get it to really make a difference in your business.B You need to ask lots of questions before accepting that bfreeb offer-it may really cost you!

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