Telecommunications Management in the Wake of Merger Mania

Rarely does a week go by that we donbt have a conversation with a CTO or CIO that is struggling with implementing new telecommunications technology.B While they might be able to transfer much of the initial work to the company that has been selected to deploy the new technology, at some point (not that far down the road) that company that sold it pulls back.B This can leave a big hole that must be filled cost effectively.

Itbs also fairly common for us to help companies look for a new carrier or telecommunications company when their old one discontinues some service after a merger.B Webve experienced bmerger maniab in the last few years with telecommunications companies.B Evaluating whether the current carrier is still the best fit for the services provided is one of the many things we take into consideration when discussing the contract renewal.

A company may still be supporting legacy services at the time of renewal, but are they committed to support the services long-term?B If not, you could find yourself mid-contract term with services that are functional but not being updated or maintained the way they would be if they were part of the carrierbs long-term service model.

Since we are working with different carriers every day, we have history and insight that simply doesnbt come without extensive experience.B Anyone in just about any industry knows what Ibm talking about.B Most of the time we take it for granted, but when we have a conversation with a CTO or CIO that is working through challenging issues related to their telecommunications management, our contribution becomes evident quickly.

And, we enjoy being of service. Many companies have benefitted from our many years of telecommunications management experience.

What would I like to leave you with?B If you could use some help weeding through the maze of telecom options, we are just a mouse click away.B You can put our telecommunications management experience to work for you and, in most instances, it wonbt cost you a dime. In fact, it could put money in your pocket or budget.

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