Telecommunications Projects for 2013

We have spoken with several clients in recent weeks who are already discussing the 2013 budget.B Itbs no wonder we feel like the year is ready for the history books.B Company leadership feels like any significant initiative that was scheduled for 2012 should already be in place.

For me, itbs not too late.B Therebs lots of year left.B Still, we need to start planning for 2013 to make sure we get off to a great start.

There are several telecommunications projects that you may want to consider for 2013 (or sooner if the budget allows).

  • SIP conversion b if youbre still using PRIs or POTS, it could make good financial sense to convert to SIP.
  • Hosted VoIP b and, if it doesnbt make sense for you to convert your existing infrastructure for SIP, it could be more cost-effective to go the hosted route.
  • Virtualization b virtual desktops and servers are all the brageb now.B They allow for flexibility while saving a considerable amount of money normally tied up in maintenance.
  • Bandwidth b upgrading your bandwidth could have a dramatic impact on your productivity.B And, for many of our customers, we can improve bandwidth for not much additional cost.
  • Disaster recovery b this is the one that gets put on the back burner until the disaster strikes, then itbs typically overkill.B Itbs best to create your disaster recovery plan when youbre not emotionally compromised having just dealt with a disaster.

There are plenty of ways to pay for these projects that donbt add one cent to your budget.B With some pro-active telecom expense management, we can help you get much more bbang for your buckb.B Let us show you how we do it!

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