The Benefits of Unified Communications Management

While I am yet to see any system that truly exemplifies unified communications, there are applications that have been developed to address one of the biggest concerns for most companies-providing outstanding customer service.

Does this sound familiar?B You call your telecom provider.B I wonbt pick on any one of them in particular.B The phone system answers your call and requires that you listen to a lengthy list of options and then make a choice.B Letbs say you choose option 3.

Option 3 takes your call and asks you to provide some additional information, typically your account number or phone number.B Once you provide this information, you are now transferred again.B Presumably, you will finally be speaking with a blive bodyb.

Now, after a couple of minutes of patiently working your way through the system, someone gets on the line and asks you for the same information you just provided.B URRRGGGGHHHHH!B Seriously!

The effort I put in was for the benefit of the company (to transfer me to the right department) and did nothing to expedite the handling of my issue.B It goes through my mind-were they just hoping that I would get frustrated and bgo awayb so that they wouldnbt have to deal with my issue at all?B Isnbt there a company that understands what it means to provide great customer service?

So, letbs imagine an alternate universe.B One where outstanding customer service isnbt given blip serviceb.B On this distant planet, companies have integrated their customer relationship management system with their business communications system for something that gets much closer to true unified communications.

When I call into this company from any number they have on file for me, I am immediately routed to the most likely person to handle my call.B When that person gets on the phone with me, they have my history in front of them.B They can ask me a couple of questions to make sure theybre talking to an authorized person and can immediately get started addressing the purpose of my call.

And, while this integration isnbt yet a bstandardb, it is not happening only in an alternate universe.B With the development of more open systems technology, integration is easier and less costly.B How could a more unified business communications solution give you the bcompetitive edgeb to provide outstanding customer service?B More importantly, how could it help you grow your business?

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