The Best Telecommunications Companies

We were out of the office for a few days last week for a gathering of some of the biggest names in the field of telecommunications companies.B There was a tremendous amount of information packed into a very short period of time.

Just to be clear-it wasnbt all work and no play.B Herebs a picture of yours truly on her first fly fishing expedition!

Gala Gorman Telecom Consultant

Gala Gorman in "waders"

It WAS mostly work though.B For example, in one afternoon, we listened to 24 different vendors (including the major carriers) take 5 minutes to tell us why they are one of the best telecommunications companies.B This could have easily turned into a meaningless bblurb of information but, rather, was insightful.

The truth is just about every company can be included in the bbest telecommunications companiesb list.B The problem for most businesses is that they donbt have access to the 50+ vendors that we work with.B And, even if they can access them, sifting through the bsamenessb to get to their bsweet spotb would outlast their patience.

So, thatbs what we do as a telecommunications consulting firm.B We sift through the sameness for you, to find the vendor that is the best fit for your business.B Thatbs YOUR best telecommunications company.

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