The Cloud is Real

Back to the Gartner presentation for a few more observationsb&

Cloud adoption is increasing rapidly.B In fact, just about everything is bin the cloudb now.B Moving your servers to a collocation facility to take advantage of improved infrastructure, security, and disaster recovery, put you in bthe cloudb.

Some things we do every day are in bthe cloudb and we donbt give it a second thought.B Think bankingb&when you access your bankbs web site youbre accessing business services in bthe cloudb.

To take your organization to the next level with cloud deployment, you may need to think boutside the boxb.B Just about everything can be transferred to bthe cloudb these days.B Think about the applications you use, the platform those applications run on, the infrastructure required for the platform and the security that provides you with bpeace of mindb.

Moving to bthe Cloudb is worthy of consideration across the organizationb&whether there is cost-justification for it requires some thoughtful analysis.B Donbt forget to dig a bit for those bhidden costs or savings opportunitiesb.

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