The bLow Downb on Telecom Expense Management

Most of what youbll find when you look for help with your telecom expense management is telecom expense management software solutions.B And, while the software might be helpful, the biggest consideration is determining how you will use it to its full potential.

One of the vendors we work closely with specializes in wireless expense management.B This is a huge problem for most companies since just about everyone has a company issued wireless device.B And, some have more than one!

At first glance, the BYOD (bring your own device) approach would seem to make sense.B Unfortunately, there are many issues associated with putting total control of the device into the employeebs hands.B While it can be an accounting nightmare (always a big concern for a CPA like me), the risk that company information could end up in the bwrong handsb is too much to bear.

Some companies are using wireless expense management software primarily to address this issue.B While the software might have far reaching capabilities to help with wireless expense management, the internal bknow howb just doesnbt exist.B And, you could earn the equivalent of a Ph.D. in wireless management before you made use of all the functionality of the software.

So, if you are handling wireless expense management for more than 10 units (and these might include wireless cards, iPadsbanything with a cellular account attached to it), it is likely that you are spending too much of your valuable resources.B First, to the cellular companies, and then, in administration time.

Another little binsider secretb, every telecom vendor or carrier will tell you that you can use their platform for your telecom expense management.B This is like the bfox watching the chicken coopb.B Unless you involve someone who understands how telecom companies charge their customers and where the bfatb is, you wonbt know what to look for.

When helping our customers with telecom expense management, we donbt care which carrier you use. B Remember, theybre all on the list of the bbest telecommunications companiesb.B We just want to make sure that your resources are put to good use.

Telecommunications expense management can save you money but wireless expense management can save BIG BUCKS!

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