The Next Best Thing to Being There!

If youbve participated in a video conference call, I think youbll agree with me.B There is no comparison to having the same conversation over the phone.

Think about the last conference call you were on or video-less webinar you participated inb&were you multi-tasking?B Unless you were presenting, it is likely that you were.B In fact, I plan my multi-tasking around just these sorts of events on my calendar.

Now, contrast that with a video conference call.

First, you simply canbt multi-task.B Itbs a bit of an adjustment.B It requires a level of engagement very close to what would be expected in a face-to-face meeting.B Even if you arenbt presenting, if your video is on-screen, youbre mindful of at least appearing to be attentive.B Daydreaming is as prevalent as it is in face-to-face conferences but multi-tasking has been eliminated.

And, therebs something about watching the presenterbs video feed that holds your attention in a way that a phone conversation simply doesnbt.B We see facial expressions and mannerisms that bring the conversation to life.

So, how can video conferencing help us make more money?B Imagine how much more productive your meetings would be if you engaged with video.

The clearest example is a sales call. Rather than jumping in the car and wasting at least an extra hour driving back and forth, make a video call to your customer or prospect.B Even if the video isnbt two-way, their level of engagement will dramatically improve over a much more bblandb phone conversation.B And, if driving to a customerbs office isnbt a breasonable optionb, the video call will help you develop the relationship in a way that is just not possible over the phone.

While we donbt recommend using Skype for business-class video (for security and other reasons), it is a good way to bdip your toe in the waterb.B Try using it for yourself with a colleague and let me know what you think!

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