The "Rip and Replace" Argument for Telecommunications

I have had more than a few conversations over the last year with companies that are doing battle with the brip and replaceb argument.B On the one hand, theybve made it this far (more years than was originally contemplated) with their existing technology and havenbt felt much pain as a result.B On the other hand, the risk of trying to extend the use of that technology much further is increasing by the day.

The PBX system, including desk phones, is the most common technology we see being over-stretched.B Itbs understandable.B There is less reliance on the desk phone in light of widespread use of mobile technology.B Still, there are conversations that even the most well-equipped professional would prefer to have on a bland lineb vs. the less reliable wireless service.

Yes, the cellular service has improved dramatically over the years.B Early on, we gladly accepted dropped calls since the alternative was no calls at all.B Nowadays, we are less tolerant of bblack holesb in our cellular service.

For example, here in middle Tennessee just a few miles from our office, the cellular service drops any call in progress.B Seriously!B Right in the middle of town.B We might expect a dropped call on the interstate-far from a densely populated area.B We are much less tolerant of it when it happens so close to home!

When contemplating a bforkliftb overhaul of any technology that is used in daily work activities, there are many critical considerations.B The cost extends far beyond writing the check to the vendor.B So, itbs not a decision to be made lightly.B Which begs the argument-why wait?B Delaying the inevitable may force you to make a decision more quickly than youbd like-without time for the careful consideration you might otherwise be afforded.

If your organization is stretching the useful life of technology beyond 10 years, itbs time to give the decision some pro-active mind share.B Webd be happy to help you jumpstart that process.

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