The World is Your Oyster with a Virtual Network

So, how can bjust in time technologyb make you more money.B Well, letbs go back to my first exposure with cost accounting and inventory management for an example.

In our cost accounting class, the cases were primarily focused on manufacturing.B In the breal worldb post-college, I used cost accounting with our construction clients (an industry niche we specialized in).B For simplicitybs sake, letbs stick with manufacturing. Frankly, itbs much simpler than construction accounting!

If youbre manufacturing widgets, there are many parts that go into the process.B For this example, webll use 10.B Most of those parts will be low-cost.B Webre not concerned with these.B The parts that make up the blionbs shareb of the cost are the ones that, if managed well, will produce massive results.

Letbs say you have been keeping plenty of stock of the more costly items b just to make sure you donbt run out of one thing that will hold up the entire assembly line.B So, it usually takes 2 weeks to fill an order but you keep a 2 month supply on hand.B If you can reduce the amount of inventory on hand to, letbs say, 1 month (still giving you a cushion of a two weeksb supply) you cut your inventory of this item in half.

Virtualization allows us to do the same with many other resources.B We can easily use outsourced talent to staff jobs.B With network virtualization, we can bring suppliers into our network streamlining the process of ordering and fulfillment.B And, the physical bplantb can be as geographically diverse as it needs to be to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

So, when youbre considering virtualization technologies, youbll need to bthink outside the boxb.B By creating a virtual network, the bworld is your oysterb.

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