The World is Your Oyster

So, with two-thirds of the year now passed, itbs important that we take a close look at our objectives and work to salvage any directive that ended up on the back burner.B If we donbt get busy b and fast, it will be too late.B The year will have come and gone.

For most businesses, there was an intention at the start of the year to grow.B That usually translates into more sales.B And, more sales typically come with an associated cost.B Either we expected more from our existing staff, we planned to add staff, or we had other creative ideas we planned to implement.B Think joint venture partnerships, outsourcing, etc.

In the first instance, if we planned for more productivity, itbs time to ask ourselves how itbs working.B And, more importantly, what management did to support the initiative.B Where are people getting slowed down trying to do their job?B You may have to look hard to find where this is happening.B People who still have a job, in general, are much less likely to complain.B Yet, the waste is there if you pay attention.

Did you add to your staff this year?B If so, were they productive pretty quickly?B And, if not, what was the primary stumbling block?B Starting someone new with an expectation of high productivity will reap big rewards for many years to come.B Finding someone who is capable of high productivity will only be happy in an environment that is supportive.B You donbt want to put a race horse in a half acre field.

The most difficult thing to implement will likely be the creative ideas that were added to the yearsb objectives.B They typically require a complete change of thinking and, possibly even, way of doing business.B These are often also the initiatives that have the greatest potential to increase sales dramatically.

If you havenbt yet implemented one of those creative ideas b and would like to sooner rather than later, itbs not too late.B The world is your oyster.B With cloud technology at your disposal, you have a limitless pool of talent to use to help you get there.

We are here to help you find the telecom solution to any business problem.B Go ahead b just ask!

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