Top 2 Considerations for SMBs

Savatar Research reported that 70% of businesses will convert to VoIP in the next few years.B I think the conversion is happening even more rapidly than that b for many reasons.

For a business that is considering purchasing a new phone system, the two primary considerations are the monthly recurring cost and the total cost of ownership.B Both numbers can be tricky to arrive at if you donbt know where the hidden costs are.

So, a few questions that should be answered to get started making a thorough analysis are:

  • How much is your telecom bill each month?
  • How many locations does your company operate?
  • What is the average number of employees at each location?
  • What percentage of your staff work remotely?
  • How many people are in your IT department?

We typically find that a company will save $500 to $1,000 per month by moving to a hosted VoIP solution.B That may not seem like much, but it adds up!

And, the additional features and functionality are what should really drive your decision.B With a cloud-based solution provider, all of your locations are considered on-network.B What does that mean?B From a cost-savings perspective, it could dramatically reduce your long distance costs.B But, therebs more.

An incoming call can easily be transferred to anyone in your organization with 4-digit dialing.B With the find me-follow me feature, missed calls drop dramatically.B The phone system knows where youbre likely to be at any given point in time.B Want more?

If your current phone system has the find me-follow me feature, it is probably tying up too much bandwidth with the calls it transfers.B Each call is consuming double the bandwidth.B Since bandwidth is directly related to productivity these days, that could be slowing everyone down.

Should I go on?B Well, I think Ibll leave it here for now.B There are plenty of ways to use a cloud-based solution provider to make more money b whether itbs the result of making more, spending less, or increasing productivity.

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