Total Cost of Ownership for a VoIP Phone System

So, youbre thinking about upgrading to a VoIP PBX but you canbt decide whether you should use a VoIP service provider or bhostb it yourself (also known as a premise-based VoIP phone system).B In order to calculate your total cost of ownership, or TCO, there are many obvious and some less obvious costs to consider.

Here are some questions you should answer before making a final decision.

  1. What does it cost to operate your current system?B This includes maintenance of the hardware and software, the facilities costs to keep it running, and the cost of the actual business phone service-typically a PRI or dedicated voice circuit.
  2. What is the cost for upgrading to a new system?B This should include a quote for premise-based equipment and hosted VoIP phone systems.B Make sure the contract includes the cost for ongoing maintenance and support.
  3. How will you handle business fluctuations-with either option?B Initial training will typically be included in the quote, but when youbre on your own who will train new personnel?B And, those new features you were so excited about-who will make sure people know how to set them up so that theybre actually used?

Even very large companies with what would appear to be an environment with a compelling argument for buying and maintaining a premise-based system are turning to hosted VoIP.B When the TCO is thoroughly evaluated, itbs easy to make the call. To bthe Cloudb with business phone services!

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