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There are many ways to create a Unified Communication Systems Solution.B Ultimately, we want one phone number and one inbox for all communication and message management, but there are plenty of steps along the way that will reap big rewards.

First, ask yourself where your greatest point of pain is in your organization.B This could be helping sales people make more, and more informed, calls.B It could be making it easier for customers to engage your customer service personnel.B It could be focused more internally-providing a way for staff to collaborate with each other more often and effectively.

Each one of these examples requires a different solution and/or approach.B The first is focused on outbound calling.B The second on inbound calls.B And, the last on internal communication.

Sure, in a perfect world, all would be addressed simultaneously.B For most organizations, that is too much to tackle with the resources available.B You will most likely need to create a plan that includes phases.B In order to do this, itbs important to know what the expectations are.B For the end-users and for the decision-makers.

What would I like to leave you with?B Integrating your customer relationship management platform with your business communications system is a fairly complicated (and potentially costly) process.B It is not a project that should be undertaken without a well-thought out plan.B If youbd like some help facilitating the discussion, we provide telecom consulting services that will provide you with a healthy return on investment.

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