Using Telecommunications Regulatory For Improved Compliance

Is your company required to comply with regulatory guidelines or mandates?B For example, if you take credit cards for payment, you are required to be PCI compliant.B If you work with medical records, you must be HIPAA compliant.B And, if youbre in the financial services industry, you can add a myriad of other regulatory compliance issues to your agenda.

So, how can telecommunications regulatory be used to make your job easier?

Well, since telecommunications companies deal with many customers, they can leverage the cost of regulatory compliance across their entire customer base-making it manageable for everyone.B When you need to transmit or store data, it can be very helpful to use a telecommunications company that has already done all the bleg workb to meet the requirements for compliance.

For example, when our credit card processing company requires that I complete the annual questionnaire to renew our compliance certificate, I can pass most of the bheavy liftingb off to our gateway and web host.B The compliance-related issues that I do need to address are greatly reduced.

That is one of the reasons why webre seeing so many companies opt for hosted mail service.B For companies that are required to manage their e-mail and other forms of communication to meet regulatory compliance requirements, it can provide peace of mind to know that a company that specializes in managing communications is responsible for it.

Give us a call if you would like to discuss how telecommunications regulatory can help meet your compliance requirements.

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