VoIP Providers

VoIP Providers

VoIP Services Change the Telephony Game

VoIP phone service has become one of the most favored ways to enjoy high-end telephony features at low cost for both small and large businesses. Several factors have converged to make this a reality. Newer technologies that allow for prioritization of voice packets over an IP network have resulted in clearer calls that are equivalent to the call quality experienced on the PSTN. In addition, higher-speed networking has made VoIP much more possible for both business and home users.

Hosted or On-Premises

Although there are many variables, the biggest one is deploying VoIP phone service on-site or on a hosted VoIP basis. Hosted VoIP is a simple and straightforward option that requires very little in terms of up-front capital expenditure.

Maintaining a traditional PBX may be costly, especially to smaller companies. Moving to VoIP will require replacing that traditional PBX with an IP PBX in the case of an on-premises installation, or a hosted PBX in the case of a hosted version. The hosted version offers the same services as the on-premises solution. A major advantage for smaller users deploying a hosted PBX is that they will be able to access higher-end features, which would otherwise be too costly if deployed on an on-premises PBX. In addition of course, the administrative overhead is eliminated, making upgrades and incremental feature additions very straightforward. In addition, the hosted model allows for phone extensions to exist in different physical locations, which for example, could allow for a business extension to be placed in the home of a telecommuter.

If considering a hosted implementation though, pay careful attention to costs, as they may vary between providers. One of the more notorious extra expenses you may find with some carriers is double leg billing, which charges you for the inbound call to the main number, as well as levying another charge for routing the call from your virtual switchboard to your extension.

Equipment Needs

For the smallest business users who may not need a PBX, an on-premises installation can be achieved with the use of a router, modem, and IP phones. In all cases, you will need to deploy IP phones to replace your older telephones. These telephones are typically very feature-rich and accommodate the wide range of features your VoIP service will provide, and they cost approximately the same. As an alternative to purchasing all new phones, it is possible to purchase adapters to fit onto your existing telephones.

Find Out More

At Go To Telecom, there are real people behind the website, ready to give you personalized guidance towards finding the perfect and most cost-effective solution for you. To find out more about the cloud computing services offered by Go To Telecom, please feel free to contact us at any time. For quick access to details on pricing and service information, please complete our Carrier Services Quote Tool.


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