What Can a Telecommunications Consulting Firm Do For Your Business?

Every successful business has, what is known as, a bunique selling propositionb.B Your USP is what differentiates you from other companies that do the same thing you do.B Itbs your bsecret sauceb and is typically what also creates the greatest challenges for you.

Since your USP is what keeps you bon topb, it is the focus of most continuous improvement efforts.B Business evolves very quickly and your competition will blow by you if youbre not constantly refining the products and services you offer to better suit your target market.B (For those IT professionals reading this, it could be helpful to define your customers b the people who use the technology you manage.)

As a telecommunications consultant, Charlie and I are constantly bon the lookoutb for technology that will solve problems for our customers.B One of the sessions at the conference we attended last week was led by Chuck Reaves, a former AT&T sales person.B Chuck told us that early in his career his supervisor told him that bevery business problem has a telecom solutionb.

Now, when the audience heard this it got a big chuckle b until he shared this story.B He was on a sales call and asked his customer to share their biggest problem.B The company executive said they didnbt have enough parking in the employee lot.B How is this a problem that telecom can solve?

Well, it turns out every problem actually does have a telecom solution!B In this case, it was telecommuting.B A win/win/win for everyone.

So, give it a try.B Send me an e-mail or post your biggest business problem and, as your telecommunications consultant, I will find your telecomm solution.

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