What is a Managed Services Provider?

Managed services providers have been around for many years now.B And, theybve evolved with the internet to make great use of bthe Cloudb to deliver telecom products.

When I managed my CPA firm, I worked closely with our IT services provider to keep our technology on the leading edge (sometimes admittedly on the bbleeding edgeb).B I can remember several conversations where we considered carefully migrating to new technology and the cost vs. benefit that was expected.

It wasnbt uncommon for us to discuss one of the applications that we used and how integration with another application could vastly improve our processes.

Even when the benefits are compelling, itbs hard to justify spending the money to develop your own custom application.B If you can justify developing it yourself, itbs outdated before itbs fully deployed.B For me, it wasnbt worth taking the risk with customization.B I wanted a reliable company behind the applications we built our business around.

We were fortunate that there were several bvertical marketb software providers that specialized in CPA firms.B At the time though, there was only one that truly integrated all the moving parts.B We committed 100% to that company and its products.B It really paid off.B We eliminated much duplication of effort, improved productivity, and most importantly, profitability-even though the software wasnbt cheap!

Making the decision to use a telecommunications provider that specializes in managed services is not to be taken lightly.B As a reminder, there is a tremendous start-up cost-even if the managed services provider provides an incentive to get started.B If you donbt spend the time setting it up properly, youbll never reap all the benefits that youbve planned for.

A well-chosen managed services provider can be a businessesb best friend, whether you are a one-man shop or have thousands of employees.

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