What is EOC?

This is a question I regularly answer b Ethernet over Copper.B Several carriers are offering it as an alternative to Ethernet delivered over fiber.B Itbs important to know what it can, and canbt, be expected to do for you.

With EOC, the telecom company configures the circuit for an Ethernet bhand offb.B More importantly, they bsqueezeb more bandwidth out of the existing copper circuit that has likely been in place for many years.B In fact, depending on the facilities (and telecom infrastructure), webve seen EOC of up to 20 Mbs b or even more.

The benefits are pretty compelling.B The cost of EOC is dramatically less than bonded T1s.B And, the service management is similar to what you would expect from traditional Ethernet.

So, whatbs the catch?

Even though EOC is badvertisedb as asynchronous bandwidth, in many cases it is not.B For example, 5 Mbs x 5 MBs of EOC will typically only give you 5 Mbs up OR down b not up AND down.B With true Ethernet delivered on fiber, that is not the case.B The bandwidth you buy goes both directions at the same time.

In this way, EOC can be compared to DSL.B Donbt let that deter you though.B EOC can be a great cost-effective alternative b you just need to have realistic expectations and make sure you know what youbre getting!

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