What is MPLS?

The next question after bWhat is MPLS?b is bWhy MPLS?b

We have many customers that are taking advantage of the advanced technology behind MPLS.B For customers that move from a frame relay network, the cost savings and network improvements are dramatic.B This makes everyone happy!

Since MPLS is bprotocol agnosticb using protocol switching technology that allows data to move over the network on any type of bandwidth, even customers with minimal service (think DSL) can benefit from it.B In fact, we represent a few carriers that specialize in providing bblended accessb MPLS service using cable, DSL b even wireless.

If you still rely on VPN to connect your end-users, MPLS could be a great alternative for you.B MPLS is much faster since it moves data more efficiently b and over a private network improving security.B The MPLS network may even remove the requirement for the separate login b making for less to manage for the users and administrators.

We have access to tools that help us find the carrier that is the best fit for any companybs unique footprint.B All we need is a location list to get started.

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