What is Unified Messaging?

Can I share my sad story with you?

I was sitting on the sofa last year and, like most of you, I had my Blackberry lying on the cushion next to me.B Itbs always close so this was not uncommon.

A bit of time passed and I reached for it to check my e-mail.B It wasnbt where I thought it was. B No worries!B It was close by.B It had fallen into a glass of water I had on the floor.B It fell so perfectly that it didnbt disturb the glass or make a sound.

My Blackberry had drowned in just a few inches of water.B bDeader than a door nail!bB Fortunately, I had a backup but that required that I purchase the same model Blackberry.B Even if I wanted to switch to a different phone, I needed a device like the now deceased one to facilitate the transfer.B Since I really didnbt want to buy a new old Blackberry, I was open to all options.

I had been considering switching to an Android phone.B What better time than now?B I made my way down to the cell phone store to get my new phone.B I was wholly unprepared for the learning curve required to transition from my Blackberry to the Android platform.B I describe my week with the Android phone as one of the most painful weeks in my recent past.

Now, before you all start berating me for resisting the more advanced technology, I will tell you that I figured out within a week that I simply had to go back to my Blackberry.B Turns out I wasnbt alone.B There were several posts on Craigs List offering to trade to get their bBerryb back.B At a not insignificant cost, I went back to the cell phone store and traded in the Android phone for the new Blackberry.

One of my main issues was battery life.B People who have gotten used to using the Android phone have figured out how to disable all the things I leave running on my Blackberry so that their battery isnbt dead in a couple of hours.B I found that counter-productive.

The other issue was message management.B Yes, Ibm finally getting around to the subject of this post-unified messaging.B With my Blackberry, I have every mailbox I manage as a separate icon AND a mailbox icon that combines all my mail.B This allows me to manage mail (to the degree that I do it on my Blackberry) similarly to the way I manage my Outlook inbox.B 10 different e-mail accounts, 1 inbox.

Are there some things that I could do with the Android phone that are not practical with the Blackberry?B Sure.B But, the trade-off just isnbt worth it to me.B My Blackberry is an important component of my Unified Communications Management system allowing me to get closer to unified messaging.

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