Why Ethernet?

In recent years, Ethernet has become the standard bhand offb for circuit delivery.B Telecom companies have been forced to expand the serviceable area responding to demand from those responsible for managing the circuits.

You see b Ethernet is a much more efficient delivery method.B It addresses many concerns.B Just to name a few:

  • Router management is simpler and less costly with an Ethernet handoff
  • Ethernet circuits have less boverheadb than bonded T1s
  • And, most importantly, Ethernet is much more scalable

There are quite a few bflavorsb of Ethernet services that are available now.B Itbs important to know what youbre getting when youbre considering your options.B If youbre ordering a bbig datab circuit, you donbt have anything to worry about.B The service is delivered on fiber b period!

Itbs the more creative ways that Ethernet services are delivered now that might present some issues if you arenbt aware of the limitations.B If youbre expecting asynchronous bandwidth, you could be headed for disappointment.

And, while the cost of Ethernet bandwidth has come way down in the last year or so, it can still be said byou get what you pay forb.B So, itbs important to understand how the carrier is delivering the service bbehind the curtainb.

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