Why Hosted VoIP for Business?

Letbs take the example of using hosted business phone services to help adjust to a short-term business contract.B In a situation like this, one of your major obstacles is likely staffing.B How do you put the right bhands on deckb to get the job done-without wasting so much time training that your profit margin evaporates?

Itbs a big world out there and your pool of qualified candidates is spread far and wide.B With the right hosted business phone service, thatbs not a problem.B As long as your virtual employee has service that will support voice over internet, you send them a phone and theybll be making VoIP calls for your business in no time.B Training is designed into the service making it easy to get up to speed quickly.

And, if your concern is disaster recovery and business continuity, hosted VoIP for your business phone service makes even more sense.B Even if your office is temporarily unavailable, your VoIP phone system keeps everyone connected. Power outage at the office?B Take your laptop and desk phone home and keep right on working-you might even find that youbre more productive!

Maybe youbve seen some high-tech features that are only available with a top-of-the-line VoIP PBX.B Your wish has come true!B You will have access to the most advanced feature set including find-me follow-me, voice mail to e-mail, enterprise-wide 4-digit dialing-just about any feature you could want.B Since the VoIP service provider is able to spread the cost of a best-in-class VoIP phone system over many customers, youbll have access to business phone services that you simply couldnbt justify for a single-user.

While outsourcing your business phone service isnbt right for every company, a thorough evaluation will help you determine if itbs right for yours.

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