Your BYOD Policy

Have you seen the new Samsung smart phone commercial?B Apparently, if you have one of the new Samsung smart phones, you no longer need a Dongle.

Now, Ibm not sure what applications theybre using to wirelessly transmit the file to the screen in the boardroom, but it did seem to streamline the use of technology.B Ibm sure there is some bsmall printb but do you think the ad generated some inquiries?B Thatbs what they were looking for!

What struck me is that there was only one guy with the blatest and greatestb Samsung device that could handle the job.B We donbt know exactly who was in the room or even if they were all from the same company.B Still, I wondered about their bBring Your Own Device Policyb (also known as BYOD).B He appeared to be using his own device since no one else in the room had one.

Do you have a formal bBring Your Own Device Policyb?B If so, how are you reimbursing employees for the company use of their device?B There are tax consequences for all concerned.

Other important considerations include:

  • Management of proprietary applications
  • Security (while employed and after termination)
  • Support

So, how will mobile devices access your sensitive data?B And, do those devices need to be owned by your company to keep your data secure?B Companies are feeling pressured to allow their employees to bring their own device.B On the surface, it seems like a bno brainerb.B But, your bBring Your Own Device Policyb should be given careful consideration.B Failing to do so could prove to be quite costly.

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