Your Telecom “Crystal Ball”

Wouldn’t you love to have a “crystal ball”?  Just like in the movies.  You could ask any question and the answer would be revealed.  You could see into the future and make decisions knowing what is coming.  Or, if you couldn’t possess the “technology” yourself, you could visit a fortune teller and get the information you need to stay ahead of the competition.

OK.  I know.  This has been debated for eons.  When people are asked if they’d want to know, in advance, the date of their death – most say “NO”.  While it does sound appealing to make decisions with the future “cast in stone”, there is magic in the mystery of life.  Whether that life is personal or business.

Still, I’ll give you an idea of what we believe the future holds for telecommunications.

For starters, high-speed optical cable will make copper wire obsolete.  If it’s too expensive to replace the copper, wireless alternatives will take its place.  This is already happening.  The bandwidth has not caught up to the demand yet.  Trust me – it will!

Next, VoIP will replace the legacy analog telephone service entirely.  There are a few uses for the old technology that keep breathing a bit of life into it, but we are quickly seeing even the hold outs convert to VoIP.  When we can reliably run a fax server and an alarm system on VoIP technology, there will be little reason to maintain the old infrastructure. And, that’s pretty small since there’s very little justifying its maintenance now.

And, lastly, just about all servers will be hosted virtually in “the Cloud”. The cost justification will continue to demonstrate that it just doesn’t make sense to maintain a single premise-based server for a company’s sole use.  Sharing resources produces predictable – and not so predictable – benefits. In fact, we just moved our web hosting from a shared server to a virtual private server. The increase in cost was minimal.

What would I like to leave you with?  Change is constant. What worked last year (or even last month) might not be working today. If you’re not taking advantage of technology improvements, your competition is!  It’s much easier to stay a few steps ahead of the competition than to find yourself playing catch up.  Since we don’t have a reliable way to predict the future, we must use our experiences from the past to come up with our best guess for the future and act accordingly.

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